Clove Pet Moving

Clove Pet Moving

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Clove Pet Moving grants time for pet owners, arranging relocation for their pets locally or internationally with reliable international Airlines.

Clove Pet Moving

Animal Relocation Locally

  • Tanzania Geographical position connects most of the regions by Road transport, despite of the few which has air transport connection and Clove Pet Moving will assure safe transport and delivery.
  • For local transport we are using reliable vans and secured Pick up for long distance.
  • We also arrange movement sheet from Government authorities for local relocation for the pets as is mandatory for road transport.
  • Pets are part of our families let be handled by professionals.

Animal Relocation Internationally

  • International relocation for the pets is complicated and contradicted process as is involve various customs procedures and documentation but with Clove pet Moving, you will be under stress free environment due to its expertise.
  • In collaboration with our worldwide agency network, we assure door to door delivery in time.
  • We will apply import and export permits for your pets ready for relocation.
  • We will process all customs paper work and documentation for your pet.
  • We will book flight for your pet and arrange airport shuttle for collection and pickup for the pets.
Clove Pet Moving
Clove Pet Moving

Documentation, Customs & Clearance

  • Clove Pet Moving provides assistance with full documentation, customs clearances and permits needed for local and international pet travel.
  • We can arrange import permits if necessary.
  • We advise on state vet requirements.
  • We provide pet travel crates (plastic & heat-treated wooden crates).
  • We make all flight bookings for your pet.

Quarantine & Health Advice

  • We advise our clients on vaccinations necessary for travel in internationally. This includes rabies vaccinations and general Feline and Canine vaccinations. We can advise on microchips.
  • We can advise and arrange on health certificates for your pet.
Clove Pet Moving
Clove Pet Moving

Additional services

  • Cross-border services
  • Kenneling


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